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Winter Warm Up weather musings

As every good runner does, we all start stalking the weather report roughly 1 week out from race day. So naturally, you may have a lot of questions about what the plan for this weekend is.


We are not making any decisions at the moment about what to do about the race. Here at Brokeman's HQ we are pressing on to have everything ready for Sunday. Right now. That's the plan. Ohio is a swing state for sure, and not just politically. Columbus sits on some kind of line that forms between the Ohio River and 1-70 that makes weather so hard to predict, and right now all the professionals say "It's just too early to tell." 


Because we have so many different types of races that happen all year long in all kinds of weather, it's impossible for us to have a blanket weather policy. The most general policy I can put out is 


1. Keeping the plan is our goal. 


2. There's a difference between crappy weather and dangerous weather. We will never cancel for crappy weather. We will evaluate each individual race if the weather is expected to be dangerous and keep you very informed on what our plan is. 


3. Any decisions made will be last minute. We will never make weather decisions in advanced because things can change so last minute.


So how will you find out about our plans as it gets closer to race day, especially in the event of cancellation? 


1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL. This will be how we will keep you up to date as the week progresses and any changes that may happen. If you are signed up for this race you are signed up to receive emails. If they don't come to your inbox check your promotions folder first, and your spam folder second.


2. Sign up for our text alerts. We will only be sending a text message to you on race morning ONLY IF THE RACE IS CANCELLED. If it's not canceled you will receive no messages. If you gave your phone number when you registered then you are signed up!



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