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I get the news I need from the weather report.

Weather can be extremely unpredictable, especially in the winter. The safety of our runners is the most important thing to us. The team at Brokeman's works directly with the Parks managers, the police, and when things get a little questionable, we stay in contact with a meterologist to help us figure out what's going on up there. 

A few notes on how we deal with weather. 

1. We believe there's a big difference between crappy weather and dangerous weather. Example: At our Winter Warm Up in 2018 a big dangerous storm was predicted to move through that weekend. We monitored the weather for a week and determined that we would only be able to make the call on race morning, as we believed the storm would pass through with enough time to clear the trails. It did and it was -2 at the start and only reached slightly above zero that day. It was SO. COLD. That was pretty crappy. (At least for me, I would have rather been running) and the races went on. For our Winter Warm Up race in 2019 the same thing happened and after a lot of phone calls, we determined that the storm was going to hit the night before and the conditions of the roads and trails would be untouched. We ended up in a level 3 snow emergency and when I went down to the race course that morning the trail was a thick sheet of ice. It was unwalkable. That situation was DANGEROUS. The race was canceled :( 

2. We will NEVER cancel a race unless the weather is DANGEROUS. Cold temps, snow, stormy weather, puddles, brilliant sun during a hangover... none of these warrant a cancellation. Just a little more preparation.

3. We will NEVER cancel a race in advanced unless we are 115% positive the weather is going to be dangerous. Our cancellations will only be as last minute as needed to make a well-informed decision. 

4. It is ALWAYS our goal to have the race happen. 

5. The BEST way to find out about cancellations on races is to check your email, sign up for text message alerts, and follow our Facebook page. 

6. IF a race gets cancelled we will determine the next steps only after we have dealt with the current events. Not before. 

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