The Phat Plournal

(official name pending)

What's a Phat Plournal?


It's a 7"x10" -12 month planner.

t's a monthly, weekly and daily pre-designed bullet styled journal.


It's everything you need and the only thing you'll have to carry ever again!


And man, it's phat.


No longer will you have to carry both a journal and a planner at the same time. Keep your life AND your thoughts organized and in one spot. And the best part?! Your 12 month plournal will start with the MONTH that you order it! (Right now, we have an October - October spread!)

Our handmade phat plournal covers will also host a unique beautifully designed screen printed cover! (Not yet pictured)

We will have our Plournals available for the first time at the Columbus Marathon Expo this weekend! Our Plournals are $40 and we will have a very limited run of them. 

Want to save $10 AND guarantee that you can grab one this weekend?!

Pre-order one of our first edition Phat Plournals before Sunday at midnight and save $10 off of our $40 price tag! What does it mean? Order yours this weekend for only $30 and we will have it set aside for you to pick up at the expo!

After this Sunday, you can still pre-order one for yourself to guarantee that you can take one home at the expo, but you'll miss the crazy $10 blowout sale. 

I want to see it before I buy it. Can I just grab one at the expo? Sure! But we will only be making a handful of extras to bring with us you may take your chance of us not having them. We can definitely order one for you at the expo and ship it to you for the cost of shipping and handling of $8. 

I'm not going to be at the expo! How do I get one?

You can take advantage of our sale as well this weekend and just pay S&H and we can send it to you by selecting delivery! But even if you aren't running the race next weekend, you can always save the shipping cost and pick it up!

Please email us at if you have any questions!