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Moving Forwards

November 5th, 2018.

Today I am moving forwards and fearfully announcing my first book.  

It's been a month since we've started this journey of writing (read below for more details), and I wanted to let you know a little bit about how November is going to work as I've tried to work out some logistical details in my head. 


Here's the deal. The point of me doing this writing project and sending it to you is that I am working on a book, and by me sending you out the daily emails that I've been sending is it's really kept me motivated and accountable for getting the writing done. But as I've been working and thinking about it, I think it's best that I change the format a little bit from a daily format to a chapter based format as I finish the 2nd half. 


What this means is that I won't be sending out the daily emails any more. But I'd like to get you on board to follow along my journey of getting his book wrapped up, and onto the self publication part of it. 

One of the most important things an author that's self publishing needs is an audience that's interested in the book, and willing to help in the journey along the way. Sometimes that means just following along the emails, or sharing about the book on social media, or, when the time comes, offering reviews of the book or specific chapters that are being released.

Right now, I would love TWO things from you. 

1. Sign up for our emails (yes, separately from the main email subscription for Brokeman's Running, because I am working on not over powering my running emails with emails about the book) to follow along on the process for the book. Signing up for emails will allow you to receive special notices about the book, launch dates, discounts on pre-orders and special offers that I'll have coming out. 

2. Follow along on my personal Instagram page to find out more about the book, and see all the fun behind the scenes stuff along the way. This is the platform I'm going to be using to get the word out to others about the book, as well as asking you to help me share with others. 


You can follow along my personal Instagram page @myverykatielife or click here --->   


Thank you for your continued support in my journey. 



Starting Today;

October 1st, 2018.

When I started Brokeman’s Running Company over 5 years ago, I had one mission in mind. To help people take control of their mental health. I’ve always thought endurance exercise, whether it be in the form of running, walking, hiking, or other creative ways you’ve figured out how to move your body and inhale and exhale for a moderately extended period of time, is the best thing that you could possibly do for your brain. (Research tends to point the arrows here as well.) Over the years as I’ve grown into a full fledged adult, I’ve realized that not only does growing up make you feel like you finally have the power to take control of your life, but it also makes you realize you have no idea what you’re doing. And no one is going to tell you how to do it. It’s up to you. That at any time you can completely lose the one thing that you thought you had under control, and since time keeps moving forward with or without you, you have the choice to either get with the program baby, or bail. To give in to the easy way of life, inevitably waiting for the day to come where you “wish you would have when you were younger” or to realize now is that time. The day to grab life by the horns and stop giving in. To take that chance you’ve always wanted to take and see that first step even though you can’t see the whole staircase. Congratulations! Today is your day! You’re off to great places you’re off and away!


“They” say that 1 in 5 adults suffer from mental illness. But it’s really hard to buy into that statistic due to the fact that a great amount of adults probably never let anyone know that they themselves, suffer. I, personally, suffer from mental illness. I have my entire life. But when I filled out my voter registration form, I didn’t check a box that said this, so I’m not sure how I would fit into the statistic of 1 in 5. I don’t seek counseling, or take medication, or do anything else that would put me in the category of being the 1, so I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s a 1 and not a 5. I don’t seek out professional help for my mental health because I do what is so incredibly easy to do these days for anyone with mental illness. I hide, I excuse, I medicate, and I idolatrize, to escape.


I hide behind a screen when I don’t want to be social, or even acknowledge my own mind. I make fake promises to my fake friends and groups, and I make fake excuses when I don’t show up for plans that I never intended to keep. I make fake excuses to myself when I think about change with no intentions of taking the hard steps it requires to get there. I medicate with isolation behind a netflix binge, or hours spent scrolling through photos I secretly love to hate or judge. I medicate with a beer or two… after work, in a social setting, after a fight with my husband, or at lunch at home by myself after a stressful morning with my young kids, just to take the edge off. To take the edge off just enough where I don’t have to actually acknowledge the way that I FEEL.  I idolatrize things in my life that I see, putting my full attention into unattainable goals and standards, that I don’t actually give a lick about. I covet photos of other peoples beautiful families and beautiful vacations and beautiful homes on a 4 inch screen in front of my face, while the real things around me go neglected. But I won’t know, as long as I don’t look up.




Today is October 1st. There’s something that I’ve always loved about a new month but today is a little different. Because today, we officially have 3 months left in the year. 91 days left till we wake up on January 1st, ready to finally take charge of our lives and fully commit to the things we’ve been neglecting for the past 25, 35, 60 years. “There’s something so exciting about the New Year. You get to just, start all over. Everybody gets a second chance” (name that movie) But I will be the first one to say that I don’t know if I’ve ever stuck to a New Year’s resolution that I’ve made. So we all just stop making them.


Today is October 1st. I really love to plan and try to set myself up for success and today we get the blessing of foresight in knowing that we have 91 days left before we start to finally change our lives. So today I want to start down a 3 month journey of setting up the training plan that will get us to that end goal of the first day of the rest of our lives on January 1st.


Over the next 3 months I want to talk to you first and foremost about finding your story. About looking inside of yourself and acknowledging what the reality of your life is. But not just acknowledging your story, but then speaking that story OUT LOUD.  “I want to tell my story. Because, what I would have done if I would have heard a story like mine.” Nanette. We don’t want to feel alone in our stories. I don’t want to share mine, because I don’t want to be judged or put my scary stuff out in the open. But if you are sitting in the circle quietly with your story kept all secret inside, then how many others are doing the same thing. Let’s stop pretending we’re a 5 when our story is that we’re a 1.


After we dive into this we are going to spend the next 3 months talking about the following. In no particular order:


I want to encourage you to get off of social media. Specifically, Facebook, for the rest of the year.


Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to jump. But know that I will be asking you to take this chance. Not on Facebook? That’s cool. We’ll dig into isolation as a whole.


I am going to ask you to get out of yourself, and into service.

And then I’m going to ask you to look really deeply into yourself.


We’re going to work on creating the little habits that are needed now in order to accomplish the jump off the cliff goals later.


I am going to be asking you to cut out alcohol at one point for the rest of the year. Not today. Not, binge tonight so I can quit tomorrow. But at some point in this process, just know that that’s going to happen. Alcohol not your thing? Don’t worry. We’ll talk about medicating as a whole.


We are going to talk A LOT about Language Arts. Things like the importance of not only the words we DO say, but the words we need to stop saying right now.


We are going to dive into our physical and spiritual health, because the trifecta is real.


We are going to find out what neural pathways are and why yours need to find new grooves.


We are going to finally figure out how to be real with ourselves, and make the hard decisions.


We are going to STOP being Broken.


Ok so that’s a lot. But don’t worry, I won’t dish it all to you at once. There’s not going to be any starting tomorrow and you suddenly have to wake up an hour early, cut out all sugar and alcohol, and throw away everything your closet that doesn’t bring you joy. (Although some of those things might pop up on the list)  We’re going to take this in steps and we’re going to get through this life, not alone, but together.


Doesn’t sound like your bag? Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually DO anything here. So before you say no, why don’t you commit to at least following along with us, opening up your mind a little bit, and seeing what happens. Maybe you’re right and this challenge won’t be for you. And if you come to that decision after you’ve given it a fair shot, then that’s ok. But maybe it’ll be put in your life because you’re supposed to share it in someone else’s. So stick around.


So how DO I follow along?




I will be sending out a weekly Sunday morning email for the next 3 months with a topic of the week that we are going to work on. I will also be sending out a DAILY email that helps take that weeks topic, break it down, elaborate a little more and encourage practical application in your life.


This email will be outside of the regular Brokeman’s Running emails you will get,

so you MUST      


                               subscribe to our email list


As always, please feel free to reach out to me at



Prioritize Your Presence

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by last week’s sermon “How To Church”  at my church Grace Fellowship. I just wanted to give credit to the inspiration. If you are interested in listening to the sermon on line you can do so here.


How to 2018.


“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing. But encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”  - Hebrews 10:24-25


This verse in the Bible has always spoke out to me and I don’t think it is shared enough. Cristian or not, the message of this verse is one that should be shouted from the rooftops to all of humanity.




Because this verse explains how we can fix everything that’s wrong with what’s going on in the world. Everything. Just like that. Super easy. Get off the computer. (After you finish reading this post) Put down the phone. And MEET with each other, in person, with love and good deeds.


Let’s equate this to the running world. Being a runner is hard. Regardless if you’re a back of the pack-er or toeing elite status, being a person that chooses to spend their hard earned free time and extra dollars on something that is 100% optional AND takes a ton of work to accomplish day in and day out, is hard. Is there really much of a benefit at saying no to Friday night plans and getting some quality shut eye, and then waking up way to early on Saturday morning to head to a race just to spend the next few hours exhausted and dehydrated; and then to have it all end like that with chafing in places you know are going to hurt for the next week?




Right after the Boston Marathon bombing a few years ago, this quote by Kathrine Switzer circled around.

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”

Because running, whether it be in a race, with a weekly group, or that small group of BRF’s* in the predawn hours of your sleepy neighborhood, encompanies everything that is good and right in the world. Life can be so isolating if we can continue to avoid meeting together.  But when we PRIORITIZE our PRESENCE in this addiction hobby of running it can shape us to be a much better version of ourselves. Eeeeeeeeevan when we don’t feel like it.




When you prioritize your presence it:


Highlights your HOPE.

    Have you ever had a dream? Maybe you call it a goal or a plan (samesies). Something you had in your head and you put pen to paper and planned it out. You hung it on your fridge and were so excited about finally getting to work on it! But you never told anyone about your dream. And you got a little busy. And that paper fell from the fridge one day and you just tucked into a pile of other papers. Flash forward to a year later and you’re finally getting around to cleaning off your dining room table and there lies that single sheet with a forgotten dream.

    But what if you were to have taken the goal that was on that paper, laced up your running shoes and met with your people. But while together you get the courage to blurt out “I want to ______!” Well, the cats out of the bag now. It might be scary to admit your dreams before they happen but you know that in doing so it ignited you with HOPE. Then think about it. What if the next time you’re on your run that friend asks you how accomplishing that goal is going. And the next, and the next! Instead of your hope sitting on that page on the fridge, it is lit up every time you meet together!

(Side note: when you get together with your people are you spending more time talking about your goals, or asking those people you care about about theirs…)


Equips your HEAD.

Being inside your own head is like, the WORST place to be. It’s dark and scary in there. It’s a one sided debate with nobody on the other end to bring us back to reality and a very hard space to escape.

We need to physically speak to people on a regular basis (AND continually educate ourselves as adults) to stay right in the head. And staying right in the head is how we stay right in life. Right?

According to a very reputable quick google search, Americans spend a ton of money on therapy every year. Have you ever been to therapy? ✋ Basically you sit in a chair and tell a stranger a bunch of stuff about you, and then they tell you a bunch of stuff about what they learned in school that explains why you feel that way. And then your timer goes off and you spend the car ride home wishing that you would have spent your time saying all this other stuff that you needed help figuring out and feel just as confused as you did before you went.


I’m not discounting therapy at all***, but I do wonder if people who are in therapy have anyone else that they meet and talk with on a regular basis. Do they have a church, a small group, a book club, a running friend, a get coffee and vent friend. Someone else they run with, or sit down with in person to help continue to ignite their hope!. Or to look them in the eyes and let them know they are full of 👀 and need to chill yo.


Even if you don’t FEEL you have a person close to you, and can’t fork out the cash for therapy, I bet you if you join any saturday morning group run and find someone looking to kill time for 20 miles, they’ll be more than happy to lend you an ear. And probably some free advice too.


Aligns your HEART.

Having your heart look forward to something is the difference between waking up every morning dreading your day, or being excited about getting to it. It’s much easier to get out of bed for that 4:45am alarm when you know your predawn miles are going to be filled with a smiling face and good conversation.


How many times have you met with someone and said “I wouldn’t have made it out this morning if it weren't for us meeting.” How many times have you ran a race just because you know they are going to have amazing volunteers along the course? When you know that you are going to have social connection during things that are hard, it completely changes your desire (your heart) about completing the hard task.


Challenge for the week.


You knew this was coming.

1 - If you don’t already have a regular meet up for your miles, MEET together with someone. If you don’t know of anyone off the top of your head, almost every running store has a weekday AND weekend running group, typically for free! A quick google search and a phone call will put you in the right place. Don’t worry about your pace or how you’ll look. Just show up. And don’t forget to say hi to people!


Other 1 - If you already have a regular running friend/group, think about your role in that group. Instead of asking “how are you”, which everyone unemotionally answers “GOOD” to, say something more specific. “Hows that specific thing you are dealing with going?” “How are you doing on that specific goal you are working towards?” “How’s the spouse/kids?” And if you need to talk about something and no one prompts you (maybe send them this email after your run) and simply say “Do you mind if I vent for a minute. You do? Well I’m going to vent anyways, so this might be a good time for you to work on pick ups” or simply “I just really need to talk about _____ for a minute. Will you listen?” You know we all love to listen to drama that’s not ours.


If you have something you’d like to share with us, a story, a quote, whatever, that you think would help someone move forward with this post, share it with us in the comments below!

* - Best Running Friends

** - Seriously. I think it can really help open our eyes and change our brains. 

September 16th, 2018.
Song of the week

This is more spoken word then a song, but it's relevant. If you like it I'd invest some time in listening to this man's music. It's extremely thought provoking on those solo miles and I HIGHLY recommend it. 

Be Present - Propaganda 

Book of the week

We do not give enough credit to the depth of children's book. And this one is a regular rotation in our home library. I mean, Veggie Tales become Star Wars characters and then deliver a rendition of the story of the Passover with the context of HOPE and Percy-fear-ants. Good for all ages. 

Library or Half Price books. Or always Amazon it here

Frog Wars - Veggie Tales rendition

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