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Series Sponsor Support Package

We run to undo the damage we've done to body and spirit. We run to find some part of ourselves yet undiscovered” - John Bingham


2016 Dates, distances, past participation and next race goals.


-Broke Man’s winter warm up  (13.1mi and 9mi ) Columbus, Ohio     

January 16th, 2016     participation - 910       2017 goal - 2000


-Brokeman's Half - Southwest, Ohio   (13.1 mi, 8 m, 3.1mi)           Cincinnati, Ohio      April 17th, 2016          

participation - 694 2017 goal - 1000


-Brokeman's Half - Northern, Ohio    (13.1 mi, 8 m, 3.1mi)            Cleveland, Ohio     

May 1st, 2016              participation - 538     2017 goal - 1000


-Wild things run (4 mile fun run) Columbus, Ohio

June 20th, 2016 Participation - 111 2017 goal - 110


-Brokeman’s 20/20k (20 mi and 20k) Dayton, Ohio

August 27th, 2016 participation - 220 2017 goal - 500


-Brokeman's Half - Central, Ohio    (13.1 m, 9 mi)                 Columbus, Ohio     

October 2nd, 2015      participation - 786 2016 goal - 1500-2000


-Brokeman’s #optoutside Ultra -        6.2mi, 16.3 mi, 24 mi, 48 mi, 53 mi distances

November 25th, 2016 goal participation - 200 Hocking Hills, Ohio


  • The Brokeman’s Running Co. is currently in the 3rd year with growth from 186 registered  participants in 2014, to 723 registered participants in 2015. We now operate 7 races in 2016 with varied size. This was accomplished entirely through word of mouth and repeat participation.


  • In this time we have also significantly increased our followership on our facebook since we started in October 2014 to 3,188 active followers (as of today) with minimal paid advertising.


  • We also send out a 2-5x a month emails to our database of 3,500+ subscribers.


Brokeman’s Running Company’s mission:


Brokeman's Running Co. is a local grass roots running movement aiming at taking the glitz and swag out of the racing scene and bringing back the focus on community, the beauty of the grind, and the promotion of physical and mental health.


Furthermore: We. believe that people should be able to run, and enjoy the positivity of the organized race atmosphere, regardless of ability to pay hefty race fees. Thus, Brokeman’s.


We provide low cost, low frills, but fully supported race that takes place on the roads and multi-use trails in and around the city. One thing that we are passionate about is bridging the gap between the road race atmosphere and the trail race atmosphere. Sustainability, affordability, community support, non-intimidation and tons of fun. So we have done away with the fan fair, the free bottles of wine and the giant inflatable arches, and lowered the cost to give everybody a chance to give running a shot!


Here are some reviews about our past events from participants!


We have a stellar reputation among our runners. Here are a few of our reviews!


Stacy M Skowronski - Central Ohio 2016

“Great race. There was so much more than I had expected! The music and post race food was a great bonus I wasn't expecting. The water stations had people ready to refill my bottles (I assumed I would do it myself). My daughter LOVED the kids run. I was so happy that she could just go run with the group and not worry about which way to go. The course was more difficult than I had planned... but it was also so much more scenic and nice than I had planned.”


Hank Hollander - Southwest Ohio 2016

“This is a race made for runners...can't say enough positive things! And the collapsible cup was spot on. Thanks for the great experience!”


Stephanie Clark - Central Ohio 2015

“It was my first half marathon and I was NOT disappointed, so glad to be part of a race where I could feel like I fit in! It was perfect weather and the perfect first half for me. So happy someone finally created a race where there was less glitter and glam and more focus on just running for fun!! It felt like an everyday run, for me, everyone in the race and who organized the race were so kind and positive. The no pressure atmosphere made the run seem smooth and helped me meet a personal goal of 13.1 miles. Looking forward to next year’s race!!!”


Matthew Faulkner - Central Ohio 2015

“This race is perfect alternative to the overcrowded and expensive half-marathons in this city. This race is advertised as a no-frills race. No chip timing. No shirts. Just a beautiful and unique medal and a bib. Just go into it with the expectation that this is no frills and it won't disappoint at all (I think I paid $12 to seriously, I cannot complain about anything). My sincerest thanks to the race organizers for providing this opportunity to Columbus.”


Monica Walker- Central Ohio 2016

“Thank you for an all around fabulous race. Every penny of my small entry fee was well spent! I enjoyed the Wholefoods tent and the massage tent the most and I appreciate you organizing them to be at the race! I will definitely be running this again next year and recruiting everyone I can to join me. For a low budget race, I was seriously impressed….GREAT job on all of your hard work and thanks for offering a local, "broke man's" race for all of us broken men and women. I think it gave a lot of people the opportunity to participate that might not otherwise. See you next year!!”


Alix Haucke-Payton - Cincinnati Ohio 2016
“I'd like to say thanks to Katie and all the helpers putting this on. Putting together a race is never easy. Most people have no idea how much work goes into it. You said a no frills race but I think we got more than that. The bags are great, the stickers fun and the finisher medals one of my all time favorites. We finished and got to celebrate a victory in life. I personally enjoyed carrying my water and feeling a bit more like a BA. Thanks for a GREAT day of running and can't wait till next year.”


Real Bernier - Central Ohio 2015
“Thanks to the organizer of this event and its sponsors. It was a perfect day, with a great group of athletes. My first half marathon in 37 years, I am glad I ran it in this event.”


Stacey Barton- Central Ohio 2015
“I really enjoyed this race. Thanks Katie for organizing a great event. The course was well marked, the water stops/aid stations were great. I adore the medal and the message. The course was gorgeous. I will be running this again next year for sure. ❤”


Andrea Brown - Dayton 20/20k 2016

“I ran my first Brokeman's race today! The Dayton 20/20 was a great event. All the race staff and volunteers were super supportive. I actually enjoyed the multiple out and back laps. It gave you a chance to see a lot of the other runners. There was so much positivity coming from all directions!! It really helped those 20 miles fly by. Thanks for having the ice cold water and the bananas at the finish. It was exactly what we needed in that heat today!”


We need you to team up with us.


Running a race is a wonderful step for any runner to take, but the race in itself can be scary. Add on prices that can cause someone to choose between the race or the gas bill and it can be daunting for most, and unachievable for many. We are extremely passionate about keeping this race as low cost as possible and taking the intimidation factor of prince out of the picture allowing anyone to reach their dreams of long distance running.  We open up our registration at $10 for the first 150 participants. The cost will rise in $10 increments at various points during the registration. A $10 registration for an organized race is unheard of in the road racing world, because to put on a proper race is so expensive! Support from sponsors like you will help keep our races going and growing and allowing us to keep the cost down. We need you!


But trust us, you’ll want to.


By attaching your name as a sponsor to our race series you’re reaching a new era of runners. You won’t be just another name on the back of a shirt or on a banner on fencing. You will be talked about within our close knit community of Broke men and women. You will present your name to people who would have never decided to run a half marathon before, but did because our race is new and different; and because of that you might be the first company of your kind that they have ever seen at a race.


You are also attaching your name to an event that holds weight in its community. We aren’t just another race. We are something unique and special within it’s cities that are actively seeking unique and special things to try. We have an impeccable reputation among our runners, and you will be seen as a company that we value. We don’t take just any company on as a sponsor. We want only companies that share this same customer oriented approach that we do.


(PLEASE NOTE: Brokeman’s Running Co. respects the privacy of all of our runners and affiliates. We do not pass along contact information or email address of anyone we are involved with on a personal or professional basis. We WILL make sure our runners have easy access to your materials, social media sites, websites, any samples or coupons your wish to pass out, and the like, but we cannot guarantee anything. We do not collect demographic information on our runners. Just that they are awesome people.)


So come along, and enjoy the ride.


**2016-2017 school year Sponsorship opportunities for the Brokeman’s Running Company. All sponsorship contracts are for the racing series as a whole and benefits are included in all races. Contracts last 1 year from date of contract signing**


Presenting Series Sponsor -

1 Available, $30,000

(Includes all perks for previous sponsorship PLUS:)

  • Event name will be referred to in all press releases, marketing and promotional materials as the "Brokeman's Running Co. (BRC) presented by Sponsor Name”.

  • Logo printed in conjunction with the BRC logo on webpage, marketing and promotional and event day materials and all social media outlets and anything else we conjure up.

  • Enlarged and centered logo placing on weekly email.

  • Right to issue Sponsor's own press release promoting association with the BRC and assistance from BRC PR agency to maximize outreach.

  • NEW: Logo printed in auto graphic on the back of our enclosed and branded company trailer.

  • EXCLUSIVE: The ONLY logo to appear on our shirts outside of the BRC logo.

  • Logo present on finishers medal (within BRC logo) and on finisher's ribbon as solo logo.

  • NEW: Full page ad in every community newspaper we print.

  • 1x a month shout outs with links on our facebook page and weekly email including updates on recent happenings within your company and products (will do more shout outs with product reviews or relevant)

  • Free space at event for your vendors.

  • Ability to put coupons and product samples in packet pick up bags and/or community newspaper.

  • Individual VIP Tent  at the event (10 x 10) to use at your discretion.

  • 10 BMRS VIP event entries (total) per city


Series Platinum Sponsors

4 Available, $10,000

  • Sponsor name and logo on the welcome banner at the event

  • A welcome email sent out introducing you as a sponsor to our 3,500+ subscribers posted on our facebook page with over 3,100 likes.

  • Sponsor logo on Finisher’s ribbon.

  • Sponsor name and logo on Official Course Maps (all print and digital files)

  • Sponsor logo on event marketing and promotional material (all print and digital files)

  • Sponsor logo with link on website.

  • NEW: Full page ad in every community newspaper we print.

  • 1x a month shout outs with links on facebook page and weekly email (will do more shout outs with product reviews or relevant).

  • VIP Tent area on race day

  • 8 BMRS VIP event entries (total) per event


Series Gold Sponsors

10 Available, $5,000

  • Free tent space at the event if desired (tent not provided)

  • A welcome email sent out introducing you as a sponsor to our 3,500+ subscribers posted on our facebook page with over 3,100 likes.

  • Sponsor name and logo on Official Course Maps (all print and digital files)

  • Sponsor name and logo on the welcome banner and sponsor banner at events.

  • Sponsor logo with link on series website and on our weekly email

  • NEW: Half page ad in every community newspaper we print.

  • 5 BMM VIP event entries per event


Series Silver Sponsors

40 Available, $1,000

  • Sponsor name and logo on the welcome banner and sponsor banner at events.

  • Sponsor logo with link on series website and on our weekly email

  • NEW: Half page ad in every community newspaper we print.

  • 2 BMM VIP entries per event


Port-a-potty sponsor!

Availability varies, $100

We have an EXCITING new sponsorship opportunity for you!


  • Who: Anyone! You as an individual, a business owner, your running group, your church group, your upcoming race or event.

  • What... do I get out of it: We will work with you on providing some form of advertising on the Drop Zones. Whether it's a banner, a sign, an image, a giant cardboard cut out of your best friends face or a whole dang set-up. We will either provide the idea, or let yours run wild.

  • Where: The sponsored Honey Buckets will line the Riverside Dr/scioto greenway course and be clearly visible to 1,500+ runners.

  • Why: Your sponsorship dollars will help us supply ample amounts of Comodes for the runners in the race!

  • How much: $100

  • Along with signage on the Thunder Box, we will add you to our website as a sponsor from the time you donate to 1 month after the race. We will also do 1 port-a-pottie sponsor post a day on our facebook page in the days after the race. This is a great way to advertise with us!


  • You can donate today through our pay pal. If you would like to mail a check then please contact me at and I will get you the information you need.


- Katie.

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