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We have an EXCITING new sponsorship opportunity for you! 


Who: Anyone! You as an individual, a business owner, your running group, your church group, your upcoming race or event.

What... do I get out of it: We will work with you on providing some form of advertising on the Drop Zones. Whether it's a banner, a sign, an image, a giant cardboard cut out of your best friends face or a whole dang set-up. We will either provide the idea, or let yours run wild. 

Where: The sponsored Honey Buckets will line the Riverside Dr/scioto greenway course and be clearly visible to 1,500+ runners. 

Why: Your sponsorship dollars will help us supply ample amounts of Comodes for the runners in the race!

How much: $100

Along with sineage on the Thunder Box, we will add you to our website as a sponsor from the time you donate to 1 month after the race. We will also do 1 port-a-pottie sponsor post a day on our facebook page in the days after the race. This is a great way to advertise with us!

You can donate today through our pay pal. If you would like to mail a check then please contact me at and I will get you the information you need. 

Donate today

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