Trail Run

Soft, earthy miles on dirt, grass and/or gravel. Level of technical difficulty and elevation vary for each run. Distances are approximate and runs are non timed  (#optoutside is hand timed)

Flat, Fast and Paved

All runs take place on a relatively flat "All- Purpose Trail"/ Bike Path. Distances are measured and race is professionally timed. Great for PR's!

Fun Runs

These runs have a community focused running themed vibe. 

Year at a glance



Smith Farms - Columbus, Ohio

Distances - 3.5mi, 8mi, 13.1mi


Beer Mile

11 Athletics - Columbus, Ohio

1 mile race


Brokebabes Marathon

Ariel Foundation Park - Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Distances - 4mi, 8mi, 13.1mi, 26.2mi

Find Me Where The Wild Things Are

Land Grant Brewing - Columbus, Ohio

Distances - approx 4.5 miles

Beer Mile #3

11 Athletics - Columbus, Ohio

1 mile race

Veterans Day


Here is not an option when God is calling you there

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