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We are proud to be cup free!



Wait. What? There will be no water provided at the race?!?!?!?!

Let me explain. Please watch our new video where we explain our cup free concept

























The cup free concept has become accepted among the trail running industry where people are trying to eliminate waste in some of our countries most beautiful landscapes. It also eliminates waste in our landfills in general, as well as makes the race a cleaner and more environmentally friendly event in general. So let's bring this idea to the road racing industry.


So what do you bring?

1. You can buy the new UltrAspire C2 racing cup at our discounted price of $5.00 (retail - $8) when you sign up for the race, or pick one up on race day. 

2. You can bring your own hydration. This can be a handheld bottle, a fuel belt, a camelback. If you need extra water we will have some for you to refill with.


3. You MUST bring something to carry your own water with. Make sure you come with a plan with water.

We are excited to implement this relatively new concept to the road racing industry in our race series and hope you are excited to join us in this process. 

Help! I forgot to buy a cup and I need one on race day!

Are you planning on using one of our cups on race day, but didn't pick one up with your registration? While we try our best to have supplies for everyone, we simply cannot GUARENTEE that you will not receive a cup on race day if you didn't pre-purchase one. So please make sure that if you plan to buy one on race day, that you have a back up plan! 

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