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You pick the size, we'll pick the shirt. 




We have a few womens specific sizes. If you would like a womens specific size added as an option to your cart, please note in the special comments "Women's fit OK!"


If you don't want any women's specifc shirts, or you note nothing, you will receive unisex sized items. You also may receive unisex sized items either way. 


Run like you give A... policy. For our grab bags, we do have a print that has the word Damn on it. We understand that not everyone wants to wear a shirt with a profane word on it. If you DO NOT want this item, please note "No bad words please!!" in the notes.


Sale items can include all kinds of things we've sold in the past.


There will be no hoodies included in this sale.




Grab bag shirt

  • We have a zero return policy on sale items.

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