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No body likes change. We like to know what's going on. We like to plan. We got other crap to go do then prepare for the change. Like run, and watch football. I don't like change either.

Thats's why I'm undo-ing the change I made on the course and we are going to back to the original race course!

You can see the finalized never-gonna-change-again course HERE!!

I wish I was joking. I really do.

The last thing I wanted to do was change the course in the first place. But when the city told me they were making me change my course so dramatically 6 weeks out from the race, I went into tirage mode. I had no option, and I put in a TON of work to try to make the new course work. I exhausted every point of me that I could trying to figure it all out. But when it came down to it, the numbers didn't work and I couldn't afford the change.

I knew I had a meeting today with the city. Allll of them. And I knew that my option was to try to pitch them on an idea they already told me they didn't approve, or make the new route work, and end my business when it was over. It was an awful meeting, but at the end of the day they allowed me to go back to my course and cap my race at a smaller number that I could manage without kicking any runners out.

So now we can all be happy and run our original looped course around downtown, begining AND ending at Genoa Park, and finish this race with a beer over at land grant.

I apologize for the changes... Again. Let's hope this NEVER happens again. Cause that's what I'm hoping for.

Please note:

With the new course, the race will cap at 700 runners. Which means we have just 57 spots let. Make sure you...

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