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Let's Volunteer!

So let's talk about the other aspect of the race, outside of the running a half marathon part. Everything else. And how do we make everything else possible? The volunteers. A race simply could not operate the way that it does without the hard work of its volunteers. Who would route the course so that you wouldn't get lost? Who would there be to set up and hand out water so that you wouldn't get thirsty? What would you do without those signs that make you smile for miles, or even days to follow. I mean, these guys...

And so, we are happy to announce our roll out of the mile marker sponsorship program. This is a great way for a group of people, an organization, or a company to give back a little more to the runners, with a possibility for a little more for them. Check out the website HERE for more details on our mile marker sponsors and how you can get involved! But hey, what if your running the race and STILL want to volunteer with set up, tear down, or all the planning and prep fun? Make sure you sign up as a volunteer on theREGISTRATION PAGE as volunteer as well to receive all of the volunteer specific updates I'll be sending out along the way. Have a little something more to give? A fantastic idea? Make sure you get a hold of me directly. Inspire Others- Katie~

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