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Meet the Race Director

As I am reading through the ambassador applications, I thought I should fill one out and let people know a little bit about me and who I am. So here it is!

What's your name

Katie Cordova

What's your email address?


What city do you live in?

Columbus Ohio, born and raised.

Which Broke Man's event do you want to be an Ambassador for?

All of them

Have you ran one of our races before?

Why yes I have!I ran the very first Broke Man's Half Marathon in May of 2013! I had no idea what I was doing as a race director. I just knew that I needed to put on this race. It was free and very poorly promoted. We had around 25 people "register", but only about 10 showed up (I learned free=lack of follow through). My husband and I marked the route the day before and had some friends set up 1 water station. We made bibs out of paper and stickers and medals out of cardboard and stickers.We met at a bar at 10:00 am and I had everyone sign-in and we were off! Everyone that ran finished the race and we all stayed at the bar after and drank half of the afternoon away.I'm happy to have that race, and happy to have grown from it.

How did you hear about us?

The coolest race director I know.

Why do you love our race?

I feel like the runners of the Broke Man's have a sense of ownership to this race. The feedback hasn't been a typical "great event!" type, it's been the building of a community, a brand, and a lifestyle. People want to take the mission of the event and bring that into their everyday life and they want others to see why the race is so great. Because of this review -

"It was my first half marathon and I was NOT disappointed, so glad to be part of a race where I could feel like I fit in! It was perfect weather and the perfect first half for me. So happy someone finally created a race where there was less glitter and glam and more focus on just running for fun!! It felt like an every day run, for me, everyone in the race and who organized the race were so kind and positive. The no pressure atmosphere made the run seem smooth and helped me meet a personal goal of 13.1 miles. Looking forward to next years race!!!"

But we also want the racing vets to feel like they fit in to our race as well-

"This race is perfect alternative to the overcrowded and expensive half-marathons in this city. This race is advertised as a no-frills race. No chip timing. No shirts. Just a beautiful and unique medal and a bib. Just go into it with the expectation that this is no frills and it won't disappoint at all (I think I paid $12 to run...so seriously, I cannot complain about anything). My sincerest thanks to the race organizers for providing this opportunity to Columbus."

THIS is exactly why I created this race.

What do you love about endurance running?

Running of all kinds is a beautiful thing, but endurance running changes your soul. It compares to nothing else when it comes to commitment, passion, mental and physical discipline. I didn't always make the best of choices growing up and that led to a lot of challenges when it came time to be an adult. I was faced with a lot choices in my early 20s about what kind of life I wanted to have, and for some reason I started to run. Life didn't get easier, but through choosing running, and God, I became a better person.Running teaches you to work through the challenges. It teaches you that sometimes things suck and sometimes things are awesome, but in order to reach our goals we need to keep lacing up and trying again.Endurance running takes me beyond living a life that is "easy". It makes me push past that mental barrier of wanting to give up. My love of endurance running is why I chose to do longer distance races, which are typically very expensive. I want people to give endurance running a chance without being intimidated by the price tag.

Why do you want to be an ambassador?

Because it's the best race there is!

Do you have a blog/social media running page?

Why yes. Yes I do. Outside of all things Broke Man's I have a facebook, IG and blog called Diaries of a race director. The goal is to share a bit about my crazy life as a mother of 3 boys and a business owner with my husband.

Are you comfortable writing about your training and experiences with the race for our blog 1x a month?

I wish I had more time to write. I have training log and a book on the brain that will hopefully make it to paper one day.

Will you post about your training and experiences on your social media sites at least 1x a week?

I will always share my experiences as a runner.

How will you share our race with others?

Tina Fey said that the best business owners find the right people to lead their company, and then stay out of the way. I hope to find others that want to help me share this race with the world.

Please explain who you are as a runner?

Running has NEVER come easy to me. I started running cross country in middle school and I was A.W.F.U.L. I was the slow rhino in the back of the pack. Athletics wasn't my thing. When I joined the Army, I still wasn't a great runner, but I found a passion in pushing myself to do things I would have never thought of doing. When I was deployed over seas, I didn't have a lot to do during my time off, and I have always loved being outside, so I just... started running a lot. I ran on and off for years, but kept getting the idea of making a goal with it. Trying a race, trying a bigger race. Trying a half marathon. I drank the koolaid for sure.I ran my first marathon, despite a righteous case of runners knee, in 5:26. It was awful. But I wanted to get stronger and faster, so I did. I have ran 4 fulls with a PR of 3:54 and have big dreams for my running life. I have 3 young boys and operate this business full time. I spend most of my time these days squeezing in a quick run on the treadmill or heading out in my neighborhood pushing a double stroller or hitting the bike trail with my 8 year old on his bike. I wish I had more time to run these days when I want and how I want. When I grow up I want to spend my days travelling the united states in a camper, running this company, and running as much as I can in as many opportunities as possible with everyone I meet.

Anything else you want us to know?

What do you want to know?


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