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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! This Sunday is a good one for me. It's rest day!! I've been rebuilding my running career for a little while now; for about the past 10 weeks. If you ever rebuilt your running career, then you know what I mean about rest days. For me, I'm coming back from pregnancy. You could be coming back from an injury, from taking a hiatus during the winter months, or just rebuilding after a really busy time in your life where running wasn't able to be a priority. But there is something beautiful about coming back, and extremely frustrating at the same time. To think that I WHOMPED my last marathon, and yesterday I struggled through 10 miles at a used to be easy pace. And while that thought is frustrating, I think back on 10 weeks ago when I went for my first run post baby and I really struggled through 2 miles at almost no pace at all, and then I think about the 25 mile week I just put in. The 5 am runs I started doing. The speed I have gained. The renewed love of running that I have come back to remember after a little bit of time off. Where I may not be anywhere near where I used to be, I have come so far from where I recently have been. Embrace the mile in life you are at. Don't fret about where you started, don't long for the end goal. Just be in the moment that you are in and try to make that moment the best one you can have. For if you continue to try to better yourself in that moment, the inevitable result is a positive one. When you embrace each mile for what it represents, the start of a new run, the middle of a hard work out, or the completion of another challenge completed, whether that run was amazing, or awful, the end product is always growth. Change for the better either from lessons learned or victories achieved. Keep running my friends. Weather you love it or hate it for that run, you are an amazing person for being a runner. By running through this life, you are living the very essence of what it means to exist. You are sucking the most out of life that you can, and experiencing it in the most beautiful way. Never loose that.

Dream Big_ Inspire Others_ Run Long- Katie-

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