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Happy Friday Runners!

Only 176 more days until the best half marathon in Columbus!! Maybe I'm a little bias.

There is something magical about spring time running, a renewal in spirit that happens as the ice thaws, the buds bloom and the earth takes on a smell of warmth and life. But for me, it's the skies that spring time produces. If you can manage to time it right and get out there in the hour before or after a storm, you'll be so thankful you did. If you time it poorly however, you'll be very sorry, and very wet.

But don't all running fails make for great memories. :)

I wanted to share a few announcements and changes that have come about with the race. After some lengthy discussion with the CPD, a ride in the back of a cop car with my 3 children, and some prayer, we have decided to move the course from Wolfe Park to downtown. This will provide an optimal course for our little race and eliminate too many turnarounds and monotonous loops.

The course will start and finish at Genoa park in front of COSI, and wrap around a few downtown streets before heading to the multi-use trails. Ill release the course soon so you can check it out. It's an awesome route!

Also- I wanted to note that we are adding some merch. We have made some really great oval stickers for the race. You can buy them on the website and I will be mailing them out 1x a week on Mondays. So buy one this weekend and it'll be mailed out to you Monday!!

We are also adding an additional "Broke Man In Training" shirt. These, along with the traditional Broke Mans half marathon shirts will be put up on the site Monday along with details on purchasing these AWESOME shirts.

Why buy merch??

Outside of the fact that it's sweet looking, by buying merch you are supporting this race as well as a local business. Races are EXPENSIVE no matter which way you cut it and I want to always keep this race as cheap as possible for the runners. When you buy BMHM merch, we invest every dollar right back into the event to make it as big and bad as possible for you!

Where do I buy this merch??

On our website www.brokemans.com

And pick one up for a friend too.

Dream Big. Inspire Others. Run Long.

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For questions and comments. Please emails us at info@brokemans.com