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Plan B

We cannot offer refunds for this race. 36 hours out from race day our bills have been paid, our shirts and woodals are printed and waiting. Our port-a-potties are set at the race site. And none of that money comes back to us in cases of cancelation, and we get to pass those savings right on to you. 


What I am going to do is offer every runner a completely FREE rain date entry into our March 10th race in Columbus. Same place, same distance, same time. 


What about the items I ordered? 


We will hold all of your items with us, and you will receive them at the March 10th race. If you would like to us to send you your items sooner, we can mail them to you. We will be adding a link to your follow up email on how to get these items and ask that you help cover shipping. But this will be optional for you. 


Still want to receive your woodal and your bib? You have two ways to have your woodal and bib mailed to you. 


1. Run this race virtually! Log your miles this weekend outside or on a treadmill and share it with us on Instagram or through email and we will send you your finishers woodal and bib! Either email me a photo or a link to your stats from your run, or post it on Instagram and hashtag #winterwarmup and tag @brokemansrunning so we can find it and send you your items! 


2. Don't feel like running in the impending mess? Do a random act of snowpocalypes kindness for someone else at anytime this weekend, and share it with us the same ways as above! Shovel your neighbor's driveway, the sidewalk on your street, cook a neighbor a hot meal or de-ice their car. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of cars that need pushed out of the snow this weekend. It doesn't matter to me the way you show your kindness, just pass it on and then let us know about it and we will send you your swag!


That's all for now. I will be sending a follow up email with details on how to register for the next race and get your ordered items. 


If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.

-Frank Lane

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