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About Brokeman's Running Co.

We provide a positive, affordable and community oriented racing environment while sharing the beauty of running and physical and mental health.


Brokeman's Running is a local grass roots running movement aiming at taking the glitz and swag out of the racing scene and bringing back the focus on community, the beauty of the grind, and the promotion of physical and mental health.


We provide low cost, low frills, but fully supported race that takes place on the roads and multi-use trails in and around the city. One thing that we are really passionate about is bridging the gap between the road race atmosphere and the trail race atmosphere. Sustainability, affordability, community support, non-intimidation and tons of fun. So we have done away with the fan fair, the free bottles of wine and the giant inflatable arches, and lowered the cost to give everybody a chance to give running a shot!

Meet the Crew- 

Left - Abraham Cordova - creative director

On bikes - Abraham, Corbin, Patrick - race crew

Above - Katie Cordova - founder/race director

Runner Reviews



Hank Hollander - Southwest Ohio 2016

“This is a race made for runners...can't say enough positive things! And the collapsible cup was spot on. Thanks for the great experience!”

Despite the cold weather and the unfortunate intestinal byproducts from the geese (out of anyone's control), well thought out, well managed event. Regular communication prior to race day was very helpful. The price point was more than fair, the swag professional without excess and the purchased hoodie is SOOOOOO comfy. It is great to have an option to test myself where I am without the hefty price tag of other races. The event was also small enough to not have the chaos of getting there an hour early. Parking was easy. Lined up 5 minutes prior, still got the directions and was good to go. The post race gathering at Land Grant Brewery was great; quite a gem if you haven't been there.


Stephanie Clark - Central Ohio 2015

It was my first half marathon and I was NOT disappointed, so glad to be part of a race where I could feel like I fit in! It was perfect weather and the perfect first half for me. So happy someone finally created a race where there was less glitter and glam and more focus on just running for fun!! It felt like an every day run, for me, everyone in the race and who organized the race were so kind and positive. The no pressure atmosphere made the run seem smooth and helped me meet a personal goal of 13.1 miles. Looking forward to next years race!!!

A gentle reminder that you don't need all the frills to have a great event, you just need the running community. Kudos to the organizers for a job well done!

To see more of our reviews, head over to our facebook page!

Jennifer Kaelber - Central Ohio 2015


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