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It's race week!!!


Here are a few key details that will get you from home to the start line and back again. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read below!!

Bib pick up -
You are required to check-in and pick up your bib before you run on race morning. There is no day before pick up. Our bib pick up is a quick and simple process when you come to check-in, we hand you your bib and a map, and then you try to stay warm until the start. You will pick up your bib at the shelter house at the beach, which is also the start line of the race!

Start and cut off times -
Please refer to the website and your registration page for your start time!!

**PLEASE NOTE : If you are starting at the 6am start time, or will be running AFTER 5pm, you are REQUIRED to have a headlamp and/or hand light with you. The woods are dark and this trail has a lot of technical aspects and some drop-offs and is DARK without sun. Please plan to bring these.**

Cut off time for EVERYONE is 8pm. If you are running 50+ miles, when you check-in after your 1st and 2nd loop we will evaluate your current lap time and determine if you can go out for an additional lap. If you are unable to complete the last lap before 8pm you will not be able to head out for your last lap.

Trail info and Course markings
We are providing you with a map for your specific distance. The trails are marked and supported by the parks with trail marking letters and trail names. We will also be marking the intersections on the Zaleski Trail with additional signs to point you in the right direction where there are turns. 


I will also be flagging the entire course with NEON PINK flagging! There will be a variety of flagging in the ground on the course, as well as pink ribbon flagging tied to trees along the route. These will be in addition to the blazes on the trees for each route and a few signs on difficult to see turns, and the maps we will be providing!

There a few different trails you will be following on this course.

The "out and back" portion inside Lake Hope is the "Hope Furnace Trail" that takes you around the outer perimeter of the lake. 

Those continuing on for the loops will finish the Hope Furnace Trail section and run through a field and cross the road 278. This is where you will start the Zaleski portion of the course. You will turn right on the road, and an immediate left into the trail. This is where the race really gets fun....

(This will be backed up by flagging!)

The "day loop" Zaleski Trail is blazed generously with orange blazes on the trees by the park. You will follow these blazes for the majority of the course. 

Around the last 2 miles of the "day loop" you will turn left at an intersection that will lead you down the white blazed trail, the orange trail will continue right (this is the wrong way). You will see our flagging marking this.

You continue through the most fun section of the trail until you connect back to your loop and head back across the road to finish the Lake Hope trail again.

(This will be backed up by signs/flagging!)


You can see these maps on our website, along with my garmin stats from 1 loop!

You may bring any additional gear with you to this event. Things like trekking poles are fine. A headlamp is REQUIRED if you are starting or finishing in the dark. I carried a handheld with me yesterday and was fine as long as I filled up at each station (in theory... no one put aid stations out for me yesterday...) There are also a few campsites along the course with in-ground drinking water pumps. But I would always err on the side of bringing a larger pack like a hydration pack, instead of not enough on courses like these. Drinking generously is very satisfying after some of those climbs.

If you are running in the dark it's also highly recommended that you bring a second light source with you. This can be accomplished with a handheld flashlight (I recommend) or a waist light in addition to your headlamp. Adding a second form of light helps with depth perception and having a handheld light can aid in better visibility overall and navigating those rocks and roots.

I highly recommend an extra pair of socks for EACH loop you are doing and one to change into when you're done. I wouldn't advise against a 2nd pair of shoes as well. There are no water crossings on this course, but there might be mud! But that's just me.


It is going to be cold on Friday! A low of 36 in the early am, a high of 47. Partly cloudy with very light winds.

I'd highly recommend trail shoes if you have them.

Aid stations/drop bags
We will have 3 water stops on the course in addition to our home base aid station. The longest you will go between aid stations is from point 2 to point 3, which is roughly 7 miles. These aid stations will be primarily unmanned but we will be doing hourly rounds to the aid stations. If you want any drop bags brought out to these aid stations we can do that for you after the race starts. Additionally, any clothing that is shed can be dropped here and we will bring them back with us when we make our rounds.

Aid station 2, which is at the field/Iron Furnace, will have water, lemonade/koolaid, and light snacks like pretzels and candy. Aid station 3 will be located at King Hollow road and have water and sports drink, as well as few additional snacks to fuel up on.

Our home base will be stocked. There will be water and koolaid, as well as coffee, hot grilled cheese, PB & J, additional snacks and goodies, as well as hot vegan chili available all day after noon. We will have fires running at the shelter house as the day gets later.
This aid station will be manned all day, so you are welcome to bring anything you want and leave it here.

BYOB- - Post race party is BYOB&OTS (Bring your own beer one to share)

DNF/Dropping the race
But if this course beats you up and you want to drop, we have a few options. We will let you drop down a distance, or we can count you as DNF for the distance you set up for. This is entirely up to you and how you want us to mark your race.

If you drop the course, have someone come to pick you up somewhere, or leave the course for any reason you MUST COME BACK AND CHECK IN WITH US. We must account for ALL runners at the end of the day. If you leave without telling us you will not be allowed to participate in any events with us again. It is a big deal that we account for every runner on this course and that we don't send out rangers to look for someone that just went home. Because we will!

IF YOU GET INJURED ON THE COURSE and cannot finish you have 2 options.
1. Make it to the next aid station and WAIT THERE. We will be doing hourly rounds to the aid stations and can pick you up here and take you back.
2. Find the nearest road and wait there. Flag someone down and have them bring you to the BEACH shelter house.

There is very sparse cell service at this park. So if you have the ability to have a buddy with you, that's the best option.

Anything else?


“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”

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