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Global Running Day city wide takeover

Join Brokemans Running Company on June 5th as we celebrate as a city and as a community of runners, Global Running Day.

Who - You. On your own, or with a group or a running club. We encourage people to create sub groups of this event and invite others looking to meet like minded runners to join you. If you are part of a running group, now is the time to meet, invite, and share!

What - a city wide run on June 5th on the sidewalks* of Columbus Ohio.

Where - you will start at your desired location, and run into Land Grant Brewing Company where we will participate in a community wide cheers at 8pm.

When - you start time will vary depending on the length of your run. The goal is to meet us at Land Grant Brewing with enough time to grab a beer and join us in a community wide cheers at Land Grant Brewing at exactly 8pm.

Did you know that Columbus Ohio ranks 112th in the nation in "the healthiest city"?

Its time we change that statistic. Let's unite.

*each runner will be responsible for creating their own route on the sidewalks of Columbus and are required by law to obide by all the rules of the road.

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