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May 2018

Introducing: Half off race registrations for all military and first responders. 

I was working on the website today updating the header. I had added a thin blue line flag in support of the Westerville officers that died during a routine response to a 911 call. As I was working on the update, I thought maybe it was time to take down the flag. I wondered, what was the appropriate length to leave a symbol up? I thought maybe a week? 


And I instantly became a statistic. 



As a veteran of the Army, I know all too well the cycle of support and forget. When the person or the event doesn't directly impact our day to day lives, it's easy to let the things we want to support become quickly overshadowed by everything else. We don't even mean to let it happen, it's just does. As soon as I thought about taking down the flag off of my website it saddened me and I wanted to find a way to remember instead of letting those officers memories fade in the busyness of my life. 



So starting today, indefinitely, Brokeman's Running is offering 50% off of all race registrations* for first responders and military. This includes all active and retired military and veterans and all active and retired Police, Firefighters, and EMS. 



I want to remember you always. All Military always. All Firefighters, Police, and EMS always. Even on the good days where no one loses their life. To remember all of those who choose to selflessly sacrifice and give in ways that most of us can never understand. You are stronger then we will ever be, and we are a stronger nation because of you. 


Thank you. 





We will need to verify your service/ place of work first. Send an email to with the subject line "military/first responders discount code". We will send you the information on how to verify, and then we will send your individual the code! You only need to do this once and your code will work forever!


*Discount is not valid on opening day sales.

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