Help Support Brokeman's Running for as little as $1 and we'll send you a little gift!

Here at Brokeman's Running, we absolutely love what we do! Providing you with great races for a reasonably affordable price is our purpose, and that will continue to be our mission! But every once in a while we need to think of some creative ways to generate a little extra income so we can keep on keeping on without having to go and get a 4th job (seriously) and we can keep devoting our energy and time to what we love to do. Putting on races for you! 

So I am coming out with a once a year campaign to ask you for a small amount of financial support, and as a thank you we will send you something in the mail! 

This campaign will last from today through Wednesday November 21st and then close till 2019.

Here's what we have for you. 

Donate $1 - You will receive a real piece of paper in the mail from us that lists our entire race calendar from now through the end of 2019, along with a thank you from me! I know it can be confusing keeping all of our races in one place and on your mind when everything's on the computer, so we want to send you this calendar so you can stick it on your fridge and you can hit those registration deadlines in time to save a few bucks!

Donate $5 - You will receive a our 2019 calendar to put on your fridge, a thank you from me, and a 10 pack of our new Run Ohio postcards! Get back in the habit of sending your friends and family a handwritten note this holiday season on one of our awesome post cards! 

Donate $10 - Receive the above, AND a high quality Brokeman's Running oval magnet!

Donate $25 - You will receive the above items along with race deferral for a year! Deferral for a year means that from Nov 12th 2018- Nov 12th 2019 you will be able to defer any of your races at any time for any reason, within reasonably transferable races. Meaning, if you sign up for one of our Flat Fast and Paved races and can't make it? Hold on to that registration and use it later in the year, or for the following years same race. (All race deferrals must happen at least 2 weeks out from the original race)

And always keep signing up and running our races with us! 

Thank you so much for choosing to run with Brokeman's and your support in any and every way.