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How is the race timed?


We have a professional timing company come out and manually time most of our races. We have a few races that we have no timing for (this will be advertised) and we self time some of our races. All of our timed races will have recorded results on the website. 


What's the difference between manual timing and chip timing. 

Manual timing means that we have all of the same accurate software as a company that provides chip timing, but we log the finish times and finishing order all by hand. The benefits of manual timing are that the overall process is much cheaper then a chip timing system, and it is something that can be very accurately handled in a smaller race atmosphere such as ours. The downfall is there it allows a marginal room for error, and you wont receive "live" results.

Chip timing means that the runner carries a type of tracker on them or attached to their bib, otherwise known as a "chip". This system checks the chip in when it passes over the antenna at the start and checks the chip out when the runner crosses over the antenna again. The benefits of chip timing are that they are very accurate without any need for monitoring, and they can provide instant results for runners. They are best for large races as well. The downfall of chip timing is that the process can be very costly. 

Here at Brokeman's Running we have 2 rules. We live keep things cheap and old school. We are excited to be able to provide you with this extra service in our races without the extra expense of a higher race fee. 


So what DO I get for running? I mean... what's in it for me?


I guess the thing I never understood is when it started being about getting stuff for running, and stopped being about running. Probably while I was still an innocent youth, but I'd like to bring that back. Us runners are always complaining about the high costs of events, and trust me, I agree! So we've done away with the fan fare and the swag and the extra fluff and this has allowed us to lower the costs of our events, with the hopes that everyone can afford to run them.


However, we understand you want something. So what are the two things you keep after a race? Your medal, and your bib! You will receive both of these items! And they aren't just any old medal woodal and bib. We have lots of photos of our woodals and bibs on the Instagram page! We make everything for our races in house with lots of love and care, because we love what we give you, and we want you to love what you get. We also have some other options that we offer for purchase if you'd like them, like an awesome race shirt, and other custom items we make.


You will also receive a fully supported race with restrooms and/or port-a-potties, water stops, and proper medical/police (when needed) and insurance! As well as a safe and supported route and encouraging crowd of runners!  As well as a heck of a good time! 


Can I run with my stroller? My dog? All 3 of my dogs?


Because our races take place on all kinds of terrain, each race is different. Check out each individual race page to see any restrictions or shoot us an email.

Please read our Starting Line Etiquette Rules


What should I expect for the route?


All of our fast, flat and paved routes utilize APT's (All Purpose Trails = bikes paths). Elevation may vary race to race so please check out your individual course maps provided on each location page for elevation charts. 

All of our Run the Trails routes utilize technical trail routes.

Our fun runs are all different but are typically on a hard paved surface.


Often times our races have an out and back or looped section on the route. This also helps us save costs, and allows us to keep the race lower cost and supported for you. There are a few issues to this though that with a little understanding we can all work on.


1. Public trails do not close to the public during races. Runners, walkers and cyclists are still permitted to use the trails as they wish. Please be aware of your surroundings when on the trail. Don't run 3-4 runners deep and don't run with headphones so you can hear others needing to pass you.


2. When passing others, understand that not everyone is out there to be as super fast as you are. Everyone has a different motive when running. When you pass a group of people running 3-4 deep, be kind, yell "ON YOUR LEFT" actually go left, and just keep on running. 


3. If someone yells "on your left", don't jump to the left and look behind you. Move right.


Can I transfer to a different distance within the same event?


The answer is yes. 


But first, I encourage you to try something new. In 2015 I ran the Columbus marathon with only being able to squeeze in my longest run of 15 miles. While it wasn't my first marathon, I was really nervous that I wasn't trained enough to complete the distance. But I decided to try anyways. I made a goal to just go and see what the day had to offer, knowing I wasn't going to break any records. Even during the race I thought, well I could just turn off at the half. But I didn't. I kept telling myself, this is what I signed up for, this is where my dreams lead me. Just try. Try your best. It wasn't a PR, but it was my strongest mental race Ive ever had and I learned some amazing lessons about keeping on. And Im so happy I made the choice to do so.


How to transfer - 

1. Head over to your confirmation email you got when you registered

2. Click on "Manage your registration"

3. Click on "View/Edit registration"

4. On your options tab on the left, click "Transfer Event"

5. Choose the event you are going to transfer to and go through the registration process. 

If there is a cost difference for different distances, then you will be required to pay for the price increase of switching distances. If you are downgrading distances you won't receive a refund for any price distances.


Can I transfer my registration to another runner?


Yes you can up until the cut off date of 1 week before the race within the same distance. There is a $5 fee to transfer to another runner (+$2 processing fee)


How to transfer - 

1. Head over to your confirmation email you got when you registered

2. Find the race you are wanting to edit.

3. Click on "Manage your registration"

4. On your options tab on the left, click "Transfer To Another Runner"

5. Follow the directions on the page!

Can I add on race day merch after I sign up?


Yes you can!


How to add on - 

1. Head over to your confirmation email you got when you registered

2. Find the race you are wanting to edit.

3. Click on "Manage your registration"

4. On your options tab on the left, click "Add Ons"

5. Follow the directions on the page!

Please note. Some races may have specific notes on transferring past a certain date so please refer to each races add ons for any questions.

Can I register race morning?


I can't run. Can I get a refund?

 Unfortunately we can't offer any refunds for our races. Thank you for understanding!


What else?

For questions and comments. Please emails us

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