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Winter Warm Up Cancelation thoughts

This couldn't have been a more uncertain decision to make because the weather on Sunday looks Ohhh-Kaaay. (Not great, but OK). So if I block out all weather from 4am Sunday back, I'd say let the races begin. But after talking with a lot of people about what I can expect for conditions of the roads and trails as of 8am on Sunday, I don't have any answers that give me confidence we won't all have one miserable time getting to the race, as well as running the actual event. 


Because of the race location, a few miles south of the I-70 line, we are expected to get heavy amounts of ice along with heavy amounts of snow. Any rain that comes is likely to freeze everything, including roads and cars and possibly powerlines and trees, leading to power outages and dangerous driving conditions. We are sitting right along the heaviest path for ice.


Not everyone is going to be happy with any decision that was made. Some people welcome the challenge that a storm may bring to January. Some people might live only a few miles from the race site and have little problems getting there. But for most of our runners, I can only imagine that your morning is going to be too dangerous to make the journey. 


So I made my decision based on if I felt like you would be unhappy to run on Sunday, or do I legitimately feel like your safety is at risk getting to the race, as well as the unsure safety conditions on the trail. I absolutely feel the latter is the case here after reading every ounce of weather reporting that's been reported and talking with the right people, I just have to make the call and go with my gut on this one. 


Making the call this early may backfire and magic may happen between tonight and Sunday morning and the weather may be reasonable, but I'd like to respect how many people are traveling over an hour to this event, and don't want to make the decision last minute. 

So again. I am canceling the race on Sunday.


So what's the plan going forward?

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