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What's a beer mile?

Chug a beer. Run a quarter mile. Chug a beer. Run a quarter mile. Chug a beer. Run a quarter mile. Chug a beer. Run a quarter mile. Try not to puke.

You can find out the OFFICIAL rules for a beer mile at and we're taking those rules real serious at our Brokeman's Beer Mile.


Here's our rules. No exceptions. 

1.  YOU MUST BE 21 TO RUN THIS EVENT**. You will be REQUIRED to have ID with you when you pick up your bib. No ID. No running. 


1.  You must drink your beer out of a can. A regular can. No widemouth cans, no shot gunning. Just 12 ounces of tin and brew. We have determined the options from Land-Grant Brewing available to you below!


2.  Your beer must be at minimum 5% abv.

3.  You are REQUIRED to either have a DD for the event, or take an Uber ( or Lyft or pedicab....) . You will not be able to participate if you do not have a plan, you will not be able to drive home if you participate in the event. An Uber will be called for you.

**Those under 21, as well as DD's may participate in the wild card event as long as they choose a beverage other then alcohol. 


When and where?

March 21st, 2020

Where's the race?

1600 Alum Creek Dr

Columbus, OH 43209

What time is the race?

The race will take place in heats. We will take up to 15 runners in a heat and they will fill up first come first serve. So if you want a specific time, sign up soon! (You may transfer heats closer to race date if there is openings) Once we fill the heats we will open up more registrations per heat .


1st heat -  10:00 am 

2nd heat - 10:30 am 

3rd heat - 11:00 am 

4th heat - 11:30 am 

**Each heat will have a cut off time of 25 minutes. If you haven't finished your 4 beers and 4 laps in the 25 minute time frame, you will have to step off the course. You will be allowed to finish your race in any future heat with enough space, but you will only receive a medal if you finish your race in your heat.**


We will have Cazuela's Food Truck on site for the entire event selling tacos, quesadillas and more! So come hungry! (No other on site food will be provided)


All races currently $45 


Your registration includes -

- Your 4 race beers

- A chip timed race!

- A custom Brokemans Beer Mile T-shirt. Each race will have a unique design

- A finishers woodal coaster.

- Free race photos of what might be your best or worst moment in life.

- Water and snacks

- Our top male and female finisher in EACH heat will receive a commemorative item. 

- Massive bragging rights.

- One hell of a good time.



Who buys the beer?

Because of our liquor permit, this event cannot be BYOB. But your beers are INCLUDED in the price of your registration! We will be providing a variety of well-known beers that fit within the standards of the rules. 

On tap we will have


-Budwiser - 5%

- Endeavor Brewing - Landhaus – Hefeweizen- 5.5%

-Endeavor Brewing -Altura – Latin Lager – 5% 

- Endeavor Brewing - Shaka – Unfiltered IPA – 6.5%






Party on Wayne.