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Nevertheless, She Persisted - Photo Contest 

When the slogan "Nevertheless, she persisted" ("NTL") came to life, I knew I just had to make an image for our Brokebabes. Not only to relay the message, but to couple it with a running related purpose to show the sheer amount of persisting women have to do in order to simply be a runner.


Here is 2017's winner, Jean Gidich-Holbrook. 

In honor of International Women's Day

we are hosting this contest again to look for the new face of the 2018 Brokebabes Running and Nevertheless, She Persisted.


Will it be you? 

How does the contest work?

We want to see YOUR moment of running persistence. It can be a race photo, training photo, any type of running photo, or any photo at all, but remember this is a running themed contest and running photos will most likely be chosen over non running photos. 


You must submit your photo through Instagram with the hashtag #brokebabesrunningNTL and tag @brokemansrunning in the photo. We also want to see your hashtag! Please use ONE personal hashtag in your post that represents you. These are required to be entered!!


Share your story- we want to hear your story along with your photo! There are no requirements to how you share your story on Instagram. The more you put into it the better. (If chosen to advanced on to Phase 2 you will be required to share your story)


Only photos that meet ALL requirements will be considered for the contest.

Phase 1-

We will be accepting photos through Instagram from now (March 8th) through March 18th (Midnight EST)

15 photos will be picked from the first round. 5 photos will be picked by our panel of judges and 10 photos will be picked based off of the most likes on Instagram (so make sure you hashtag, share, and promo your own photo to increase your chances!!)

Phase 2 -

-Phase 2 will run for approx. 1 week from 8am March 19th to March 25th (midnight).

-4 finalists will be chosen from phase 2. These photos will be posted on the Brokeman's Running Instagram page (

-1 will picked by the judges to advance on, and 3 with the highest amount of votes on the photos that are posted on the Brokeman's Instagram page. 

Phase 3 -

Phase 3 will run from 8am on March 26th through April 1st at 10pm.

At this time the 4 finalists photos and stories will be posted on our Facebook page and then the voting starts on Facebook! Finalists are encouraged to share the heck out of their photo because the final winner will be chosen by which finalist has the most votes from the photo on the Brokeman's Facebook page at 10pm on April 1st.


Winner will be announced publicly at 10 pm on April 1st. Their story will be shared socially the following day. 


PRIZE: The winner will receive their photo hand drawn by our Creative Director ( and put on all "NTL" apparel and merch sold by Brokeman's Running. Winner will receive a variety of NTL items that are produced by Brokeman's Running through out the year, as well as free registration into our Brokebabes race on May13th. Winner will also receive 50% off of all "NTL" apparel they wish to purchase for the life of the items. 

*Please note* This contest is NOT about winning merch, it's about sharing your story. Our offering of merch items to you is just something we want to give you as a thank you. 

The nitty gritty.


You must OWN the photo. If it is a photo you did not take then you must have rights to the photo. We will not accept water marked photos or "screen shot" photos. You must have the .jpg or .png file for the photo in order to progress forwards in the contest. If you're not sure if you have the rights to it, just ask.


The photo must be of YOU. If there are other runners in the photo you must have their permission to use their faces in the photo or they must be able to be cropped out. If we have to ask for names and contact info of all runners pictured, the photo will not be accepted.


Finalists give the right for Brokeman's Running to use all submitted photos as they see fit. Photos will become property of Brokeman's Running and will not be returned to the contestant.


Finalists agree to let Brokeman's Running use the final photo as they see fit for any and all apparel and merchandise use and sales. They forfeit the right at any profiting off of the use of the photo and agree to let Brokeman's Running use the photo for as long as they wish and cannot ask to pull the photo out of print or production. 

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