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This run is changed to a virtual run.

We are one month away from the Brokebabes Marathon. With the current status of our Stay-at-home order in Ohio being May 1st, with a lot of signs pointing to an extension through May (my opinion) and my need to make a decision based off of as much information as I have at the time, I feel that it's in the best situation for everyone for us to turn this event into a virtual race. 

So what does that mean for you, and for the race?

We still want you to participate in this event! Life has side railed all of us, and I know a lot of us have taken a hit in our training, either in time, energy, or motivation. 

But Nevertheless; She Persisted.

Maybe you signed up for the marathon, but you haven't gotten in your long run. Maybe you signed up for the 4miler, but a job loss has provided you with a lot of free time to train. What I want for you today is to make a commitment to May 10th, whatever that may be. I want you to make a commitment to yourself, and I want you to spend the next month taking yourself, and your commitment seriously. Maybe it's time to step it up and see what you're made of. Maybe it's time to give yourself some grace and allow yourself to back off of mileage and commit to just getting out there and enjoy running again. We're all going through something different during this time. What do you need from this race through it?

So how will the virtual work? 

I want you to email me back and let me know the distance you are going to commit yourself to sometime this weekend. We will make note of any changes you have. 

We will be mailing you out your bib ONLY by May 7th. We would really like you to commit to completing this run ON May 10th, as originally planned, but with concern for social distancing needs, as well as the ability to be flexible in the situation, we will accept all results from May 8th - May 10th for this event. Once you have submitted your results to us (you will receive further information on how to do this in your race week email) we will mail you out your woodal and any ordered items on May 11th. This means... if you do not run this race, as with an in person event, you will not receive your woodal. Why?? Because we want you to commit! We want you to take this run, and yourself seriously. We want to send you your woodals! They will be already printed, cut and tied. Just waiting for you... So don't leave us with a bunch of extra woodals!

Postponement race details. 

We are also offering a free entry into our postponement race to all of our virtual participants. I have to be honest with you though, I am thinking about just making the postponement into a deferment next year. I haven't made a decision on this yet, but as we are watching event after event being pushed into the fall I don't want to overwhelm, or compete, with an increasingly packed fall calendar. I am going to wait on this decision until we start seeing what rules are going to be coming out in regards to social distancing and events as the rest of the year unfolds. I will keep you up to date on what the plans are. 

So for now - make a commitment for your mileage on May 10th, and keep on running. 

Best, Katie

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