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As COVID-19 has rocked our world, the orders that have been put in place have brought our business to a halt. We will determine our future in a race by race case, but all of our events are currently closed. During this time where we are closed for business, we are hosting a virtual challenge to help us stay in business until we can reopen our events. 

Please join us by registering for our Virtual! Keep yourself active and healthy during this time, while continuing to support local businesses that need your help.


Brokeman's Running is a local grass roots running movement aiming at taking the glitz and swag out of running and bringing back the focus on community, the beauty of the grind, and the promotion of physical and mental health.


We provide a positive, affordable and community oriented racing environment that's low cost, low frills, and fully supported. Sustainability, affordability, community support, non-intimidation and tons of fun. So we have done away with the fan fair, the free bottles of wine and the giant inflatable arches, and lowered the cost to give everybody a chance to give running a shot!

Mike Taylor

"Normally people say "you get what you pay for", but that just does not apply to this organization. Just finished my 4th event, and they just keep getting better. Today's winter warm up was well supported, energetic, and crazy accurate (13.12 by my Garmin.)

Communication is great - there are constant updates on both the facebook page as well as email. Winter runs are always sketchy here, so it is appreciated to have up-to-the-minute updates as to race conditions.

On top of this, you get the love of a hand-made finisher's medal. Can't beat it!"

Race: Find Me Where The Wild Things Are   Photo Credit: Ben Ko Photography http://www.benkophotography.com/

For questions and comments. Please emails us at info@brokemans.com

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